Specializing in design and build to reflect your style and taste. (pun intended)

Possibly a part of what we do at Nevill Studios that might not be so well-known is,

custom building mirrors to order

You have the option of bevelled or plain mirror to choose from. Supplied locally from our glass merchant, we only use top quality mirror, not the budget imported glass that is prevalent in some shops that we are seeing.

With a fantastic range of samples to select from, beautiful ornamental guilt,

silvers, golds, to fine wood grain  finishes, the choice is exciting!

When it comes to choosing the size that’s right for your home, try this advise.

Tape some newspaper together and pin it carefully to the wall where your thinking if putting a framed mirror.

That helps get use to the size on the wall.

“I tend to think bigger is better in the case of mirrors, It’s like a new window  in the room”

Come in to the showroom to discuss, choose your frame, and let us do the rest. It’s that simple.